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All the tracks written by Adam Skorupa and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz, famous composers, which used to work for such projects as The Witcher series, Painkiller, Call of Juarez, Eve Online etc.

Every track was recorded live by professional musicians, often using traditional instruments rarely encountered in contemporary recordings. All songs available with covers, credits and full meta tags.


01 Terminum
02 The Last Stand
03 Gem in the Mountains
04 Shadows of the Past
05 Legions on March
06 Burning Inside
07 The Last Bastions
08 Winds of Berkana
09 Ready Your Axe!
10 Everything We Lost
11 Harbingers of Death
12 I Can't Leave Her!
13 The Highlanders' Waltz
14 The Son of the Shadow Clan
15 A Blow is Struck
16 The Northern Winds are Coming
17 On the Edge of the Plains
18 Fight Your Fear
19 A Path through the Ashes
20 Turn the Wheel
21 Taste of the Abyss
22 Flame in Your Hands
23 Enlightenment
24 The Echo of the Fallen (Bonus)
25 Reet's Song (Bonus)


Music composed by: Adam Skorupa, Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz.
Additional music: Michal Cielecki.
Vocals: Magdalena Przychodzka, Liz Katrin, Milosz Sienkiewicz, Pawel Szymiczek, Evgeniy Kostritsa, Aleksander Grochocki.
Additional vocals: Adam Skorupa, Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz.
Instrumentalists: Katarzyna Kamer, Bart Palyga, Krzysztof Szmytke, Aleksander Grochocki, Adam Skorupa, Pawel Betley, Milosz Sienkiewicz


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