Hey! In this major update we not just fixed a lot of issues but also added new features, such as hardcore mode 'Iron Man', post-mortem for the story, combat log, portraits and emotions feature for multiplayer and many balance changes for single player.


As you may know, we were very attentive to community feedback after the release, and one of the very first problems was very high difficulty of the game. Of course, we took it into account and made some changes to make the game more comfortable.

But this decision also disappointed the ones who prefer to face challenges, that's why we decided to make a separate hardcore mode for them—and today we are glad to introduce you 'Iron Man':

  • You have only one save
  • No lowered attributes for AI units
  • AI has no limitations since the very first level of Reaping
  • You can't change the level of Reaping manually
  • Balanced abilities, which can be used to create so-called 'imba-tactics' based on such classes as guardian, fighter and archer in small teams
  • Three additional achievements which could be earned in hardcore mode only (Steam)


Players who already beat Ash of Gods, also wanted to know more about what happened in the end of the story and what happened to the rest of their beloved characters.

It was a great idea, and we changed the end of the game with post-mortem, where you can find some additional details about what happened with the world and those characters who still alive. But keep in mind, that fate of characters are non-linear as well and depends on your unique story.


Now you can track everything what happens on a battle field with combat log. It is hidden on default but you can easily turn it on by pressing the icon with 'L'-letter near the clock.

Combat log available in both single-player and multiplayer.


Now you can talk with your opponent in multiplayer via our chat analogue, which allows to share emotions like 'Well played!' or 'Victory will be mine!'

Bots also use emotions to answer you.


  • Added new 'Iron Man' mode and three achievements
  • Added post-mortem which explains what happened with alive characters and what happened in the final video
  • Added combat log
  • Added option to turn off autofocus of combat camera
  • Lo Pheng's team now getting increased amount of experience—both Pheng and Thorn teams should have equal level in the end
  • Strixes usage of Thorn's team increased on three strixes a day

  • Changed sorting of the deck in inventory (now sorting for level and availability)
  • Numerous balance changes for abilities (guardian, archer, fighter, spearman)
  • Added Galaxy support (achievements and overlay) for GOG version of the game


  • Added portraits and emotions feature
  • Added combat log
  • Injuries in common fights are disabled
  • Added injuries information to profile's window
  • Added version check when connecting to server


  • A huge update of English localization from second to six chapters
  • Fixed numerous spelling and stylistic mistakes in Russian
  • Increased fonts size in Chinese localization for the loading screen in the beginning of each chapter
  • Fixed many mistakes in English, Italian and Chinese languages
  • Fixed problem for Chinese language with incorrect displaying of hieroglyphs in single-player and multiplayer modes
  • Fixed out-of-bonds text on loading screen in Italian localization[/list]


  • Fixed visual bug when enses figures (the blue ones) grew during death animation
  • Fixed possible freezes during passive abilities animations because of cards usage
  • Fixed logical errors in 'Merchant Sid' event
  • Fixed logical errors in 'Sinvicta brothers in Friga' event
  • Fixed logical errors in Blance's dialogs in Friga
  • Fixed a problem when Silver Diadem item doesn't appear in the inventory if you choose it during conversation with Rask
  • Fixed a scene in the woods where trees covers the battle field

  • Fixed logical errors in Thorn's dialogs in wastelands (if twins are dead)
  • Fixed incorrect loading in the beginning of 'Menhir Arch' location which led to skipping a battle against enses
  • Fixed unlimited leveling of Thorn's team during battles with frisians
  • Fixed displaying of high attributes value in story mode (>100)
  • Fixed position of 'Close' button in multiplayer on resolutions less than 1366x768
  • Fixed a bug when hints about arenas in multiplayer may not be displayed
  • Fixed a bug when battle track froze in multiplayer


  • Experimenting with battle system: testing new stun and also agro mechanics, card usage without ending your turn etc
  • We finished preparations for clans in multiplayer and now integrating them with server
  • Additional fixes for English language with help of two new editors from community: @Reavy and @K. Constantine
  • Fixing bugs you are reporting


  1. If you having issues with launching the game on Mac, please open Properties of the game via Steam, choose Launch option and copy-paste this here: -force-glcore
  2. There is still a problem in Unity with detecting the list of available resolutions in some versions of Linux X64. To fix an error «Receiving unhandled exception in funlockfile», please, run the game in windowed mode, there is no full-screen solution for now, it is up to Unity.
  3. Games on Unity in Mint Linux, Ark Linux do not work with tiling desktop manager dwm — please use OpenBox or analogues.
  4. If you the game crashes on Windows 7 with Intel HD graphics cards 2500, 4xxx, GT3 - please open Properties of the game via Steam, choose Launch option and copy-paste this text here: -force-glcore. Unfortunately, this is a problem with video card drivers that were not updated for these series since 2012.

If you're facing any bugs or issues, please, report about it via Steam discussions or our Discord channel. We will do our best to fix every problem as soon as possible.

Please, write an honest review about the game. Your support will help us to bring more players. Thank you.


ash-of-gods-linux-universal.zip 2 GB
Version 1.2.8 Apr 27, 2018
ash-of-gods-osx-universal.zip 2 GB
Version 1.2.8 Apr 27, 2018
ash-of-gods-windows-universal.zip 2 GB
Version 1.2.8 Apr 27, 2018

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