Update 1.2.46

Another small patch to fix some bugs.

  • fixed possible freezing in a fight on the bridge in the very first Chapter on Thorn's storyline
  • fixed possible freezing in Sinvicta quest in Heiborg
  • updated English localization
  • fixed spelling in Russian text


  1. If you having issues with launching the game on Mac, please open Properties of the game via Steam, choose Launch option and copy-paste this here:  -force-glcore
  2. There is still a problem in Unity with detecting the list of available resolutions in some versions of Linux X64. To fix an error «Receiving unhandled exception in funlockfile», please, run the game in windowed mode, there is no full-screen solution for now, it is up to Unity.
  3. Games on Unity in Mint Linux, Ark Linux do not work with tiling desktop manager dwm — please use OpenBox or analogues.
  4. If you the game crashes on Windows 7 with Intel HD graphics cards 2500, 4xxx, GT3 - please open Properties of the game via Steam, choose Launch option and copy-paste this text here:  -force-glcore  Unfortunately, this is a problem with video card drivers that were not updated for these series since 2012.

If you're facing any bugs or issues, please, report about it via discussions or our Discord channel. We will do our best to fix every problem as soon as possible.

Please, write an honest review about the game. Your support will help us to bring more players. Thank you.


ash-of-gods-linux-universal.zip 2 GB
Version 1.2.46 May 15, 2018
ash-of-gods-osx-universal.zip 2 GB
Version 1.2.46 May 15, 2018
ash-of-gods-windows-universal.zip 2 GB
Version 1.2.46 May 15, 2018

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